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If we say we are “an interactive design studio“, we’re just not giving you the whole picture. That title just doesn’t effectively communicate who we are and what we have created.

Here’s a more accurate description: Anonymous is an “online interactive solutions agency“. We’re a studio that’s always looking for new ways to keep our clients in front of their target audience(s) in an increasingly connected world”.


We know, right! And, after 15 years it’s still our goal. So, rather than spout off the expected “about us” information, let’s imagine instead that we are sitting together in this room and you are asking us all of the right questions.

How long has Anonymous been around?

The studio was born in early 1996 and we have been learning, growing and busy ever since. Busy learning new technologies, exploring new marketing ideas & techniques, refining our development & production work flows, and finding better ways to Get Things Done (or GSD as we say). Every year our clients and projects have pushed us to levels we never imagined and we are proud to say that we have made it a point to always deliver on time and on budget (give or take a few AA’s).

Do you build flash sites?

Sure we do, all the time. We develop each of our flash sites with an eye on both the user and the client. We make sure our flash sites include deep linking, are driven by flat XML or are integrated with a full featured CMS. We see to it that they can support RSS and other feeds for content delivery and make it easy for localization, too. When we develop flash sites we take the whole scope of the project into consideration and we won’t shy away from offering better alternatives beyond the solutions YOU, our client, might think you need.

What about flash banners?

Yep. Straight ahead flash banners to fully interactive rich media banners. From storyboards to design and through to execution, developing flash banner ads remains a good portion of our client work. When our media partners are overloaded, we’re there to handle overflow production. We understand our clients’ platforms and tools and we’re always happy to help out in a pinch.

Do you have any experience in building flash games?

We have developed a few flash games for our clients, everything from exciting arcade style fighting games to brain games. But, it’s not always about flash games. Case in point: A few years back a client needed an online map making tool for a game that they were shipping for the Sony PSP. We were already developing the marketing site for the game, so,  they asked us if we could build this mapping tool. We reviewed their specs and how they needed to read the data back into the game. Once we understood their needs, we began developing the tool. In the end, we delivered a great marketing site with a bonus interactive map making tool component. There have been many projects that we developed that grew in much the same way and we always welcome the challenge.

What about blog development?

We do, using tools such as WordPress and Drupal,  Expression Engine and Magento (and quite a few others sprinkled in between). We have a long history of working with CMS systems and blogging engines alike going all the way back to PostNuke and to the development of our own CMS platform & tools (when it was en vogue to do so). Funny how things online are very cyclical and blogs are now back out in front of the marketing pack. We have taken blog development quite seriously, so much so that we maintain our own growing network of blogs.

Any experience with SEO or SEM or Social Marketing?

Oh yeah! One of the main reasons why blogging is booming is directly related to the ease of implementing SEO into your content. We stay up to date with the big 3 search engines as well as hundreds of others in different markets. The old adage “if you build it, they will come” is simply not true anymore. (Was it ever?). As for SEM and social marketing, we have experience in developing plans and the creative team to help market you & your products.

What industries do you service?

We have earned the respect and business of traditional clients in the Pharmaceutical, Dental, Industrial industries while specializing in Technology and Entertainment. We have created successful campaigns that promote interest, motivate staff, educate consumers, and generate sales. Through it all we have kept the messages simple, compelling, and best of all effective.

We are considered a marketing leader in the gaming industry as we continue to provide creative solutions for clients such as Ubisoft, Sega, Nicktoons, Atari, EA, Activision, and many more.

Do you only work on online projects?

Most of our work is directed at the browser, but we have developed many projects targeting mobile users. Beyond that, we have way too much experience in email marketing and since it is safe to say this again, our background is in… print design. We’re talking “boards” – ifyouknowwhatwemean.

So what comes next?

We take our turn asking the questions:
Who is your audience? How do you plan to communicate with them tomorrow, next week, month, year? What is your short, mid and long term marketing plan to support your site after launch? Are you seeing the uptick in business you expected from previous projects? What are you doing to measure the effects of your marketing efforts?

We’re happy to help you find answers to these questions as well.
We should talk! email or phone: 407-654-9090