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15 years of being Anonymous…

date: 2011  |  15 Years of Anonymous Online

15 Years of Anonymous, so far...Today is February 4th, 2011 and Anonymous is officially 15 years old - woot!

A decade and a half, which at most times, went by in a blink. I’m sure a few of our “older” contemporaries would tell us to “just wait until you hit your 20 year mark – now that’ll be something!” in a way that is reminiscent of the scar scene from Jaws.

But right now, being 15 is perfect.

Truthfully, when I think back and remember how scary and exciting it was just to make it past the first wobbly year or two. So many life changes going on all around us and all happening at once. But through it all, the business was growing. Put it out there and it will happen. We did all the usual things you are not supposed to do in business. And every bumbling misstep would result in a renewed committed focus and a much larger leap forward.

The first 5 years were akin to watching your child learn to walk for the first time, without holding on. During the middle of our 5th year I remember watching the towers come down, experiencing it all online in real time, in the studio. It was my daughters first day of kindergarten too. The 5th and 6th years were tough for everyone but we learned to scale Anonymous up and down through challenging economies. It’s an important but tough skill to learn.

I have often been asked by other designers, all of whom have big dreams of doing their own thing, for recommendations on how they should go about it. What steps do they need to take to make sure they are successful? Whew, that’s a loaded question. I often start with “I asked a ton of questions at first too” and then I segue into a short story about a book that a colleague had given to me back in 1994. But truthfully, the most valuable lesson that I have learned over the years, and the one that I share with others, is that you need a tremendous amount of drive. If you have the desire to make great design (or whatever it is YOU want to do) combined with the drive, then you will do whatever it takes to succeed. Well, that and it helps to not always be an asshole.

The last 5 years have been very similar to the previous 10, except for our self induced longitudinal changes. There was a tremendous amount of time spent on research and discovery, building upon relationships, and creating new opportunities. Every week we were exploring new design concepts, how to code more efficiently and simple business stuff like “it’s ok to simply say “No” when needed”. Sometimes the best way to move forward is to first begin by backing up and trying a different direction rather than walking into the same old wall over and over again.

Leveling my trusty Eye of Agamotto towards the future, 5 years from now, reveals that pretty much everything will be different and yet exactly the same as it is today. There will be new products to bring to market (sadly, still no hoverboards McFly!), new whiz bang technologies, and the next “big” thing will be the “end all” that everyone wants a piece of. The News people will question bubbles way too late and all it really means is that the education part will never stop. I do know that Anonymous will be 16 next year which means that my baby will be able to drive all by herself, forget about learning to walk.

Reviewing the Anonymous job book, sitting next to me on my desk, reminds me that we have completed over 1150 documented* projects to date. That’s about 76.66 projects a year, 6.38 projects a month or 1.59 projects a week. (stats this geek loves)

Drive. That’s it right there.

Even though Anonymous was born from my heart, there have been many hands that have helped shape it into what it is today. With that said and in relative order from the beginning I would like to sincerely thank the following key people** who have all contributed, in their own way, to our success over the past 15 years:

Tina Peacock, Zoe Peacock, Connor Peacock, Ray Peacock, Carolyn Peacock, Quinn Richardson, Jay Zaun, Dermot Mac Cormack, Jason O’Grady, Shawn McCabe, Dan Marcolina, Jim Paskill, John Stapleton, Frank Panko, Alex Krail, Nathan Solomon, Michael Peacock, Stephen Peacock, Dan Myers, Leo & Denise Richards, Joe Bertels, David Perry, Nick Bruty, Simon Cox, Christine Evangelisto, Nate Birkholz, Peter Cohen, Tim Testa, Mary Ann Roccosta, Joanie & Bill Heller, Michael Desoi, Kevin Justice, Greg Kinney, Brad Aronson, Michael Masone, Travis Williams, Maury Levy, Joseph Kelter, Laura Miele, Ted Morris, Mike Bell, Aaron Cohen, Bill Buckalew, Anthony Campiti, Scott Brown, Trip Mitchell, Lisa Wikowski, Ted & Jeannine Pukas, Joe Kopetsky, Nick DeNucci, Michael Leary, Cathy Booz, Steve Cacciola, Gary Finn, Adrienne Kinney, Corey Tamás, Lisa Restrepo, Michael Fay, Jeffery Goodman, Glenn Bonagura, Bill Linn, Tom Allen, Kimberly Quirk, JoAnn Koeberle, Greg Stockton, Bob Doherty, Deanne Yerka, Margaret Higgins, Scott Taylor, Matthew Tremblay, Justin Knecht, Mike Manley, Peter Matiss, Lindsay Riehl, Kelley Gilmore, Mike Gibson, Dan Magaha, Sid Meier, Richard Briggs, Michael Fetterman, Dale Freitas, Matt Brown, Mike Vollman, Jennifer Zoob, Jeff Foley, Don Crapo, David Newman, Peter Lien, Bob Cole, Kristin Smith, Lynn Pupek, Cindy Swanson, Jon Nelson, Kyle Peschel, Lourdes Colon, Cindy Dumont, Jim Galis, Eric Winemiller, Sara Borthwick, David Macachor, Justin Landskron, Matthew Johan, Joe Toledo, Caroleen Beatty, Michelle Martinez, Alex Barlow, Izzac Russo, Corey Fong, Mike Doan, Joshua Chiet, Jamie Kashetta, Kevin Shelby, Jessica Hoehn, Curt Binney, Ryan Hurry, Ali Ruyan, Richard Cerow, Tatiana Fausey, Scott Dixon, Dan Morrill, Severin Sauliere, Bill Pigozzi, Thomas Paderes, Vincent Dunleavy, Susan Powter, Ralph Ruckman, Stephen Howe, Karen Driscoll, Matthew Engle, Matthew Colwell, Keith Katz, Marjorie Puruganan, Shawn Storc, Jackie Lee, Louise Dockstader, Danielle LaJoie, John Bui & Kevin Crouse…

…thank you again to our clients and colleagues, friends and family, for your continued support of Anonymous during our first 15 years, so far.

*there have been dozens of undocumented projects called experiments and favors
**I know I left some major players out of this list and for that I am truly sorry. Remind me the next time we are together and the next round will be on me!